Strictly Come Dancing has led to a marked increase in the interest of Ballroom dancing. Whether with or without a partner, we can help you create your own Strictly moment and have great fun along the way!

Similar to Ballroom and Latin, Sequence Dancing is a more traditional and classically formed style which is enjoyed by all ages whether competitively or socially!

We offer private lessons and classes in Ballroom, Latin and Sequence to all ages and abilities. Children tend to focus on performances, exams and competitions with it helping to develop a wealth of skills beyond dancing which includes discipline, social interaction and confidence. Some adults would follow a similar path but there is also a large number of adults who dance socially… purely for enjoyment! Whether this be a regular class with a partner and/or friend(s) or a social event such as a tea dance or themed evening.


The hardest step for a new dancer is to take that first step through the door… you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!

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